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 Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick - Train Station

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Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick - Train Station Empty
PostSubject: Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick - Train Station   Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick - Train Station I_icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2016 2:44 am

This is Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick consisting of Charles(me), David and Romeo.

We are making a Train Station heavily inspired by Edgecliff Station, as well as similar CityRail Stations. The train station is made of two rooms with the platform itself being the main room and the other area is the entrance where you buy tickets and go through the barrier. Also the platform is part of an underground tunnel like the Edgecliff and Town Hall station platforms.

The props we will create for the Train Station consist of:

Static Props
1. Bench
2. Bin
3. Pillar
4. Escalator
5. Billboard
6. Elevator
7. Exit Sign
8. Light
9. Glass Barrier
10. Ceiling Cable
11. Wet Floor Sign
12. Ticket Window
13. Train Map
14. Speakers
15. Train Direction Signs
16. Ticket Machine
17. Ticket Barriers / Opal Scanner
18. Vending Machine
19. Help Emergency Intercom
20. Surveillance Camera

Animated Props
21. Train Carriage
22. Service Info Display Screen
23. TV Screen
24. Adshel
25. Clock

Screens of progress to come in the not too distant future.
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Team Chunky Liquid Glowstick - Train Station
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